Setting the standard for Sisterhood in an ever-changing world.



Delta Phi Epsilon develops a social consciousness and a commitment to think and act for the greater good. We assure continuous development and achievement for women by embracing our founding principles of Justice, Sisterhood, and Love.
Fast Facts:

Founded: March 17, 1917 at New York University Law School
Founding Principles: Justice, Sisterhood and Love
Flower: Lovely Purple Iris
Colors: Royal Purple & Pure Gold
Mascot: Unicorn
Magazine: Triad
Motto: Esse Quam Videri - "to be rather than to seem to be"
Delta Phi Epsilon’s PEARL Program is comprised of five specific areas of personal growth that are important in developing a balanced woman. These five areas are  Self, Social, Scholarship, Sisterhood and Service and are also known as the five S’s. Throughout the year both sisters and new members participate in events and activities that touch all five areas in order to fulfill their membership standards.

Organizational Knowledge and Skills
In order for the sorority to function as a family and have an environment that fosters positive personal and group development, the chapter itself must be strong. Individual sisters must have the skills to manage the affairs of the chapter and lead their fellow sisters. All members must have knowledge of how the sorority operates and what are the expectations are of the members. Sisters must also have an understanding of the Greek system, the benefits of being in a sorority, and the policies relating to Greek life. A strong sorority experience involves mutual friendship, support between members, and activities that increase the bonds of sisterhood. Workshops in this area include: Panhellenic; campus Greek policies; chapter management skills; chapter goal setting; group dynamics; marketing/chapter PR; and officer development. Retreats and sisterhood activities with planned educational programs to increase communication skills and the understanding of sorority values could also be included in this area. (A simple sisterhood dinner would not suffice for a Pearl experience, but may continue to be part of sisterhood activities as often as the chapter likes.)

Academic, Career and Lifestyle Skills and Planning
College is designed to prepare students to function as educated and productive members of their families, their professions, and society. Delta Phi Epsilon recognizes academics as a priority and aims to enhance the college mission by providing information and assistance on educational concerns, intellectual development, career preparation, and life style planning. Workshops in this area should include: time management; study skills; using campus resources (career center, learning center, library, etc.); cultural and fine arts events; faculty dinner speakers; literary reviews/debates; resume writing and interviewing skills; social skills for business; balancing family and career; and goal setting for personal advancement. Chapters are strongly encouraged to invite experts (faculty members and others) to guide you through information and ideas that may be new to you (i.e., different topics such as appreciating African Art, understanding Japanese, business culture, realizing the impact of man on the rain forests, etc.)

Community and Societal Awareness and Involvement
Delta Phi Epsilon aims to develop women who will be contributing members of society. Service Pearl Experiences should be designed to expose members to relevant societal issues and provide opportunities to make a positive impact within as well as outside of the sorority. Through membership in Delta Phi Epsilon, you have the chance to become aware of important issues, discover new ways to be more involved, and begin to participate in community service and philanthropic projects. Service Pearl Experiences should be designed to encourage members to continue their involvement in philanthropic and community events after college. Activities should include: Fundraising for Delta Phi Epsilon’s philanthropies and other philanthropic organizations; community service projects; and participation in campus service programs. Invited speakers could address such topics as volunteering for literacy programs, understanding the long term impact of the AIDS crisis, women’s involvement in local politics, scientific discoveries that will have social implications (i.e. global warming, toxic waste management, etc.), local policies on smoking, recycling, voter registration, etc. Chapters can arrange for speakers from the campus, League of Women Voters, United Way, and other community service organizations, philanthropic and community leadership societies, and other political, social service, and non-profit professional societies.

Communication, Leadership and Social Development
Social Pearl Experiences provide you with opportunities to enhance your communication and leadership as well as the ability to work with and relate to others in a variety of situations. College graduates need the knowledge and experiences of social skills in order to effectively participate in one-on-one situations and small and large group settings. You should use the Social Pearl Experience to explore diversity, multiculturalism, and gender issues, as well as leadership development. Workshops in this area should include: listening and communication skills; gender differences; diversity and multiculturalism; conflict resolution; leadership training; handling difficult social situations (including sexual harassment, substance abuse); and conversation skills, especially as they relate to membership recruitment. Social Pearl Experiences involving other groups, (i.e. fraternities, sororities and NPHC groups), workshops and opportunities to practice skills (mock interviews, receptions with administrators, gender communication workshops, etc.) are appropriate for this area and are encouraged.

Physical, Emotional and Personal Development
College is a time of change for young women, and the sorority is uniquely positioned to assist you in positively meeting new challenges and offering support and encouragement. By promoting positive self- awareness and providing opportunities for self-discovery, your sorority involvement will help you develop individual strength, establish a personal set of values and clarify your purpose as a student and a member. Self pearl experiences should focus on developing physical and mental well-being. Workshops should include: personal fitness; nutrition; managing stress and anxiety; women’s health issues; body image; self-esteem; personal safety; personal values and spirituality; promoting personal creativity and risk taking; and maintaining a positive balance.

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